What is the Summer Institute?

The GJL Summer Girls Justice Institute is an intensive, hands-on social activism training for twenty high school-aged girls. Girls who complete the program will have the skills and knowledge to use data, media, and community organizing tools to launch gender justice campaigns on issues they define as important to girls and young women in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Where is the Summer Institute held?

The Summer Institute is held at two locations: Bryn Mawr College and Temple University. Girls will first attend Bryn Mawr for residency, and than spend their weekdays at Temple University.

  • Residency at Bryn Mawr College- A three-day residency at Bryn Mawr College will launch the institute. The residency provides an opportunity for building group identity through storytelling, team building activities, and exploration of girls' commonalities and differences.

  • Weekdays at Temple University- Following the residency daily sessions will be held at Temple University. Over the course of the five days, peer leaders and guest faculty will facilitate sessions on the systems of oppression, the history of girls' and women's activism, the basics of community organizing, and the use of data and media to develop compelling social justice campaigns

Who can join the Summer Institute?

Girls around the Philadelphia area

What is the cost of the Summer Institute?

There is no cost for participation in the Institute. Meals and transportation are provided by GJL

Social Change Fellowships and Social Change Funds

Each girl selected for the Institute will receive a one year Social Change Fellowship, broken down as follows:

  • $200 upon completion of the Summer Institute

  • Girls who complete the Summer Institute are eligible for a stipend of $25 per month for Saturday Institute participation; 2 sessions per month from September-May

What other girls says about the Summer Institute

“The Summer Institute was the best for me. It was so fun, every day we did cool activities with other girls, learned new things in interactive workshops, and we could create campaigns against ending sexism and oppression and stuff. It was awesome for me because I am very passionate about gender inequality in Philly and in our country. I felt like I actually had a say in things I thought were unfair in society”

“At first I was apprehensive about hanging out with girls all day for a week, I was always taught that girls can’t work together and I always thought that they wouldn’t get along. At the Summer Institute that changed for me. I learned that girls can work together for the bigger picture, and it was actually really fun staying with them for a week. It felt like a summer camp almost, we did a lot of empowerment activities and the adults there don’t invade much, it’s a really for-girl, by-girls things. The coll part is that I still talk to a lot of them now.”