GJL Girls Reflect on our 2nd Annual Turning Points Conference!

“About two weeks ago, Girls Justice League held our 2nd annual Turning Points. Three workshops were held talking about reproductive rights, the school to prison pipeline, and school policy. Although the turning points was small, it allowed for a more group discussion style for each workshop; no one felt talked at and experiences were heard. This Turning Points, we hope people left feeling more in control of themselves and knowing they can make an impact to changing issues that we discussed.”
- Christelle, 19

“This was my first Turning Points and my first time facilitating a workshop. I wanted to open up the space for the girls to talk about their experiences in school and how different school policy and administration’s attitudes towards girls of color affected their experiences at school. I loved being able to share with others and learn new things, and I think it was an informative time being able to identify injustices young girls face and how we can handle them.”
- Sarah, 17

“I enjoyed the discussion and new people that came. Loved that we created a space to have these open discussions and sensitive topic; it was well needed.”
- Afua, 16

“I felt like I learned a lot about how the juvenile system affects our youth. I didn’t fully realize how bad young girls were affected. I also enjoyed talking about injustices we faced in school - built a sense of community within the group.”
-Ruth, 15