GJL Leads Workshop at the Penn Summit on Black Girls & Women in Education

Desar'e and Melanie presented a workshop on "Good Girls and Bad Girls" at the Penn Summit on Black Girls and Women in Education on May 2, 2015. They asked the participants, who were mostly women, to stand up if the statement Desar'e and Melanie read applied to them such as "Stand up if your racial identity led people to doubt your ability". They learned that the problems that girls are facing now have been longstanding issues that generations of women have faced. The participants also had the opportunity to share their stories in a safe space of supportive girls and women. Many participants shared that this workshop was one of the rare experiences where they could share their story and truly be understood.

Also, check out an article in The Atlantic magazine (http://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2015/05/black-girls-should-matter-too/392879/) where GJL member Melanie is quoted about her experiences in school!